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Capitalism & Slowbalisation

Capitalism & Slowbalisation
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Capitalism & Slowbalisation

Available early September 2015

Capitalism has been around for some time now, in more or less the same form and with the inevitable booms and busts that accompany economic growth. Since communism faded and globalization hit a new high around the turn of the Millennium, capitalism seemed to be the one and only economic system left to rule the world. The system always depended on two powers or two variables: the market and the state. Some economists plea for more influence of the free market, while others plea for more state interference. But in recent times it seems as if a new power, a third variable, is coming into play: individual economic actors that form a powerful crowd together. This is because individuals got far more power in recent years, especially due to digitization. We can access knowledge and computer power as much and whenever we want nowadays. We can buy a 3D-printer and turn our designs into products which can be sold. Through crowdfunding we finance each other’s businesses. Digitization and globalization turned passive consumers into active consumers-producers-financers. In the meantime the State seems to lose more and more control on society, while lasting low interest rates decrease the influence of the market. Globalization takes a slower pace and thus turns into slowbalization.

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