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The State of Tomorow

The State of Tomorow
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The State of Tomorow

13 megatrends that will change the world

The current economic world crisis, which will come to be known as The Great Stagnation, will give rise to the greatest innovations ever. Visionary companies which want to operate in a future-proof way should consider the Megatrends which will change business dramatically. Robotics, miniaturization, virtualization and cloud computing are changing the business models of companies. Adjiedj Bakas writes vividly about his inspiring vision of the future. This brand new book described vividly the 13 megatrends which are changing the world and doing business.

Highlights from the book:

• The world’s GDP of US $ 80 trillion will quadruple until 2060 into US $ 320 trillion. Yet economic growth shifts to emerging markets. Meanwhile industry returns to Europa, Japan and the US due to 3D-printing, miniaturization and robotization.

• In the US the shale gas revolution is the major game changer: the US surpasses Saudi-Arabia as the largest producer and exporter of energy, natural gas becomes more important than oil, and energy prizes in the US drop fast.

• Europe and China still ponder whether to exploit their own shale gas and meanwhile coals are back in vogue. The CO2 hype fiddles out and in Asia new nuclear power plants are being built, and thorium replaces uranium.

• Due to the bio based economy raw materials become abundant.

• IT continues to grow and the parallel world of the internet blurs more into the physical world. The bank of the future is an IT-company that shoves around virtual money.

• Peer2peer-banking becomes big and complex organizations become smaller, leaner and small is the new big.

• Happiness becomes more important since 1:4 people feel lonely: marketing to loneliness becomes important.

• Knowledge changes, and so do education systems change. The day you graduate 25% of what you learned in school is outdated. Lifelong learning becomes the norm.

• All over the world people become older, yet in a much better condition. The global healthcare industry grows and the innovations in healthcare change life expectation dramatically.

• Spirituality returns in the post-religious world while on the other hand religious fundamentalists become more aggressive than ever.

• Globalization will evolve into Slowbalization.

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