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Adjiedj Bakas published many trend books over the years, covering two categories: (1) public books and (2) tailor-made books.

Most titles in the public book range are now sold out. Some 600 000 books were sold in various editions and language regions. Some books are still available in luxury paper editions with a cushioned cover. Other books are still available as e-books. If a title is sold out and you want the paper edition, browse the antique book shops. Otherwise you can order the title as an E-book in the Webshop.

Capitalism & Slowbalisation

Capitalism & Slowbalisation

Available early September 2015 Capitalism has been around for some time now, in more or less the ..  

The State of Tomorow

The State of Tomorow

13 megatrends that will change the world The current economic world crisis, which will come to be..  

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