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Trends 2019

Trends 2019

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2019 is, according to the Chinese, the Year of the Boar.

The mischievous Miss Piggy comes in all sorts of shapes to brighten up our lives, her curly tail proudly erect. Such a year stands for diligent diligence, generosity, purpose, calm, hyper-humanism and a sense of responsibility. Nature will flourish again in 2019, thanks to man, who opts for more life hygiene: the "forest pool" is becoming hip now that we are going to re-evaluate silence. In the post truth society, connectivity is the new religion and offline life is new luxury. We sing more often, alone or together, and strengthen our immune system by regularly fasting. Underground media and the dark web get more stature.

Interest rates are rising and there will be children's bonds and crypto coins based on diamonds, art objects and other valuable items. Parallel economies are emerging. In marketing we go from why to woke. Solar activity influences the economy and the confidence crisis in society moves from lower to higher classes. Warmism and climate change lead to an increase in energy prices and energy blackouts.

Italy dominates the euro news, Trumpism becomes socially acceptable, the danger of Erdoganism becomes clearer and forced diversity leads to new apartheid and virtue in this Age of Kali. In the narco state of the Netherlands, the underworld and upper world become more intertwined. There is competition for champagne, we drink a glass of vinegar and a bottle of probiotics, we become aware of our reptile brain and of the freedom illusion in the digital age. The victim feminism and the toxic identity policy, which I and victimism promotes, lose power. Over tourism is being pushed back across Europe.

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