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Trends 2017

Trends 2017

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According to the Chinese 2016 is The Year of the Monkey.  Nothing phases the Monkey and no challenge is too great.  In a playful way he examines everything, and gradually accumulates knowledge and skills.  A very useful character trait in these times of great change.  Next in line, in 2017, comes the Chinese Year of the Rooster.  Typical traits for Rooster years are: depth, straightforwardness, appreciating eccentrics with strange ideas, magnificent idleness, lack of subtlety accompanied by a refreshing lack of prejudice.  Roosters like to provide protection for others.  Alongside ‘self-sufficiency’ the word to mark 2017 is ‘protection’.

Now that digital transformation has taken over many are seeing their earnings models becoming redundant, and consequently SMEs and big business are looking for protection.  Employers are seeking protection in a climate of increasing (part-time) unemployment exacerbated by the pressure created by constant migration streams of the talentless at a time when the welfare state is buckling under the strain.  Now that free-lancers and bottom-up-transformers are causing too many disruptions the Polder Model is looking for protection.  Now that the EU-superstate is creaking and in fact needs to revert to the old EEC, eurocrats are looking to protect the dream that is experienced by most of the public as a nightmare.  Now that the middle classes are becoming poorer, and therefore less able to uphold social cohesion, the cry for protection also grows stronger from this quarter.  The political awakening of the masses predicted in the Brezinski Doctrine of the 1970’s is rapidly coming true.  In the election year of 2017 it is high time the 19th century representative democratic model is updated so that it is capable of providing protection for its subjects fit for the 21st century.

In this lecture Adjiedj Bakas sets out the most important trends relating to a wide range of areas such as labour, technology, government, society & community, geo-politics, business, travel, fashion and design. 

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